Salvatore Esposito is a documentary photographer who lives in Naples.

He began working as a photojournalist for a newspaper where he worked on chronicle and particularly on organized crime. After leaving the newspaper began working as a freelance for the Fotogramma Agency  of Milan and the historic French Agency Sipa Press in Paris, following all the news of greatest interest at the national level.

His interest in "the human being" led him then to take care of reportage on "contemporary issues" of humanistic argument. Salvatore is a photographer committed to documenting the issues related to the profound cultural changes of the human being.

As a photographer, he specialized in long-term projects, and loves to tell in depth the topics and create elements to reflect on the consequences of the social changes of human being today. It 'a narrator of humanistic tradition, with a photographic approach classic, penetrates into the stories photographing with empathy and humanity. Explores issues such as immigration, prostitution but especially organized crime, a subject that engages him still at one of the long-term work, convinced of political responsibility, says one of the most dangerous mafia in the country: the Camorra.

Undertakes so one of his most complex work in Scampia, managing to break into a reality among the toughest in Europe, earning the trust of dealers of the Camorra, this will occupy him at first for about two and a half years so telling the periphery the most dangerous in Europe. The end result "Hell of Scampia" will be published numerous times in Italy and abroad and will also bring numerous awards including the Sony Award, the NPPA Award, the Prix du Documentaire, the Terry O 'Neill Award where among the other is reported for his courage.

In 2008 he joined Photographer Staff of Contrasto Agency and in 2014 was invited by Manfrotto to become Ambassador of the company.

His works have been published in major magazines such as The Sunday Times Magazine, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, L'Espresso, International among others.

In 2014 he shoots his first Short Documentary "La Cella Zero" that report a big violation of human rights and tells about the abuse of some police officers on the prisoners in the Poggioreale jail.

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