Goodfellas on il Venerdi of Repubblica.

Italy, Naples, 07/09/2015 - Genny Cesarano a 17 years old guy with previous convictions for robbery and possession of gun. He was killed the night of the 6th September by a commando of Camorra that shoot in the group of guys he was with. Maybe he was not the target but he was the only one to die, it's not clear the event.  The friends and other guys of the quarter walking and singing through the neighborhood in honor of Genny. The friends of Genny's make the wake.

Goodfellas on il Venerdi of Repubblica.

On il Venerdì di Repubblica a picture of Salvatore Esposito‘s long-term project on organized crime supported by the Getty Grant.

Text: R. Saviano

Photo:©Salvatore Esposito/Getty Grant/Contrasto

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