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  • La Forza del Silenzio in Ferrara.

    Wednesday 8 May Salvatore Esposito will present his latest book "La Forza del Silenzio" in Ferrara, produced by La Forza del Silenzio ONLUS in collaboration with Sguardo. As part of
  • La Forza del Silenzio on TG3 RAI.

    The Book La Forza del Silenzio of Salvatore Esposito on TG3 RAI. Her the link:
  • La Forza del Silenzio on Inviato Speciale of Radio RAI.

    The book La Forza del Silenzio told by Vincenzo and Antonella Abate and the author Salvatore Esposito on Inviato Speciale of Radio Rai by Rita Pedditzi.





My story


Salvatore Esposito is a documentary photographer specialized in long-term projects. He is especially committed to telling stories about “the human being” and through photographic documentation trying to understand the profound social changes.

In his most important works he addressed topics such as drugs, crime, prostitution and immigration. His photographic investigation tries to give relevance to the most hidden and fundamental aspects of the stories, thus proving to always give a more complete and in-depth interpretation. His language is direct and without filters convinced that explicit information is fundamental as well as a duty.

His works have received international awards including: the POYi, the Sony Award, the NPPA Award, the Getty Images Grant, the Terry O’Neill Award, the Prix du Documentaire.

In 2008 he joined the staff of the photographers of the Contrasto Agency.

From 2014 to 2016 he was Ambassador of Manfrotto and still today, convinced that photography can change the life in some cases, he teaches at the Manfrotto School of Excellence as part of the photographic project “Picture of Life” where he teaches photography to young guys at risk involved in crimes related to organized crime. With the project Picture of Life he is convinced that studying photography can create a moment of reflection on life and try to stimulate change in these guys.

His works have been published in major magazines such as: Sunday Times Magazine, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, L’Espresso, Internazionale among others.

In 2014 he approaches for the first time a documentary work using video as a language. La Cella Zero, a short documentary film that tells the violence in the prison of Poggioreale of Naples on the prisoners by some prison officers, through the testimony of the prisoners who suffered the beatings. The investigation raises public attention on the problem and helps speed up the investigation by the judiciary. The documentary is screened in nineteen film festivals and receives six awards for direction.

In 2016 he shoots his second short film La Forza del Silenzio that supports the long-term photographic project and tells the story of two autistic twins. The work is an intimate insight into autism and how it affects the life of a family.

He is also author of two photographic books:

– “Quello che Manca”, 2014 (series Logos Contrasto Editore).
– “La Forza del Silenzio”, 2019 (LFS / Sguardo).


  • 2019 – POYi, finalist in the category World Understanding Award with “La Forza del Silenzio”.
  • 2017 – Coffi Film Festival Italia, premio miglior documentario con “La Forza del Silenzio.
  • 2015 – Social World Film Festival, “Premio Cinema Campania” – come giovane regista camapano che si e’ particolarmente distinto nell’ambiente cinematografico – con “La Cella Zero”
  • 2015 – Sedicicorto International Film Festival, menzione d’onore miglior reportage con “La Cella Zero”.
  • 2015 – Napoli Film Festival, premio “Schermonapoli Doc 2015” – premio corriere del mezzogiorno miglior reportage.
  • 2015 – Getty Images Grant, vincitore con “Quello che manca”.
  • 2015 – Salento Finubus Terrae, vincitore categoria diritti umani con “La Cella Zero”.
  • 2015 – Ischia Film Festival, menzione d’onore sezione location negata con “La Cella Zero”.
  • 2015 – Coffi Film Festival Italia, vincitore categoria documentario con “La Cella Zero”.
  • 2014 – Kuala Lumpur Award, highly commended nella categoria photostories con “Quello che manca”.
  • 2014 – NPPA Award, 1° posto – nella categoria migliore copertina – “Baby killer” su l’Espresso.
  • 2014- Sony World Photography Award, 2° posto nella categoria life style “La Forza del Silenzio”.
  • 2014- Sony World Photography Award, 2° posto nella categoria current affairs  con “Quello che manca”.
  • 2013 – Ipa Award, menzione d’onore nella categoria “editorial-photo essay and feature story” con “Quello che manca”.
  • 2012 – Black And White Spider Awards, menzione d’onore nella categoria “photojournalism” con “L’inferno di Scampia”.
  • 2012 – Ipa Award, menzione d’onore nella categoria “Editorial-Photo Essay And Feature Story” con “Castel Volturno”.
  • 2011 – Le Scoop Grand Lille, Festival Europeen Du Journlaisme. 1° premio prix du documentaire (prix photo) con “L’inferno di  Scampia”.
  • 2011- Premio Giancarlo Siani, premio fotografia collettiva dei fotogiornalisti napoletani a difesa della libertà di stampa e d’informazione.
  • 2011- Premio Giornalistico Internazionale Marco Luchetta, Premio Miran Hrovatin, finalista con “L’inferno di Scampia”.
  • 2010-Ipa Award, menzione d’onore nella categoria”editorial-general news” con “Colmena”.
  • 2010- China International Press Photo Contest, 2° posto nella categoria “general news stories” con “L’inferno di Scampia”.
  • 2009- Terry O’neill Award, 1° premio con “L’inferno di Scampia”.
  • 2009- Px3, Prix De La Photographie Paris, menzione d’onore- nella categoriafotogiornalismo- feature story “L’inferno di Scampia”.


  • 2017 – Italia, Torino, La Biennale Della Democrazia – Scuola Holden – “Gang City”
  • 2016 – Italia, Venezia, La Biennale Di Architettura – Evento Collaterale – “Gang City”.
  • 2015 – Italia, Roma, Festival Fotoleggendo “L’esodo”.
  • 2014 – Slovakia, Bratislava, Bratislava Month Of Photography “Sony Photography Award Exhibition”, “What Is Missing”- “The Power Of Silence”.
  • 2014 – Inghilterra, Liverpool, International Festival Of Business “Sony Photography Award       Exhibition”, “Quello Che Manca”- “La Forza Del Silenzio”.
  • 2014 – Inghilterra, Londra, Somerset House “Sony Photography Award Exhibition”, “Quello Che Manca”- “La Forza Del Silenzio”.
  • 2012 – Germania, Hannover, Lumix Festival For Young Photojournalism “L’inferno Di Scampia”.
  • 2012 – Italia, Citerna (Pg) , Citerna Fotografia – Festival D’arte Fotografica “Sguardi Su Un Paese In Crisi”.
  • 2011 – China, Lishui, 14° International Photographic Art Festival “Generation Bordeaux”.
  • 2011 – Italia, Ivrea, Ivrea Foto Festival- Sinagoga Di Ivrea “L’inferno Di Scampia”.
  • 2011 – Italia, Forio (Ischia), Fondazione La Colombaia Di Luchino Visconti  “Colmena”.
  • 2011 – Francia, Gradignan, Association Saint Francoise Xavier “Adolescence,La Couleur Est Dans Nos Reves”.
  • 2011 – Italia, Barletta, R-Evolution Festival Della Fotografia “L’inferno Di Scampia”.
  • 2009 – Inghilterra, Battle, Ipg Gallery “The Hell Of Scampia”.
  • 2009 – Inghilterra, Londra, Getty Images Gallery “Terry O’ Neill Award Exhibition  “The Hell Of Scampia”.
  • 2009 – Italia, Roma, Ex-Gil “Lavoro. Fondato Sui Diritti”.
  • 2009 – Italia, Modena, Festa Del Pd “Lavoro. Fondato Sui Diritti”.
  • 2009 – Italia, Napoli, Castel Dell’ovo “Why Not- Camorra”.
  • 2007 – Italia, Napoli, Metropolitana Di Napoli-Stazione Vanvitelli “Integrazione: Diversita’ E Culture Della Napoli Del Nuovo Millennio”.
  • 2005 – Italia, Napoli, Sale Del Complesso Santa Maria La Nova “VII Rassegna Arti Sceniche E Visuali”.



Stories by Salvatore Esposito



Short Films



Salvatore Esposito's


Quello che Manca

Un viaggio intorno a Napoli

15×21 cm
168 pages
photographs in b/n
softcover with book jacket

La Forza del Silenzio

20×25 cm
136 pages
61 photographs in b/n



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