Generation Bordeaux

Over the centuries France has always pursued an imperialist and colonialist policy, especially in Africa. Just like other European nations, today it has to deal with its past. Many people arrived in France from the colonies with the hope of a better life. Probably France has betrayed many of these expectations of these peoples in exodus. Even today there is no real integration between the various ethnic groups and the French. Since the 1960s, the French government has had to absorb large migratory flows from former colonies, resulting in large low-cost housing estates for foreigners, known today as Banlieue. This term refers to the small suburban municipalities of a large city and thus form a sort of suburb. Degradation, lack of work, overcrowding, lack of infrastructure have led to a great increase in crime that handles drug and arms trafficking, and has generated a great problem of juvenile delinquency.

Immigrant families very often suffer from many social problems and all this pours on young people. In recent years, this climate of intolerance is coming more and more out of it, for example the unrest in November 2005, when two boys from a Parisian suburban died as a result of a chase with the police. This incident led to violent clashes for several days between young people in the neighborhoods and police, there were also episodes of gun assaults by young people against the police, until on 8 November 2005 the French government declared the state of emergency.

France still has to deal with its future generations of young people. Generation Bordeaux is just one example.

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