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Saturday 15 October at 18.00 the work La Forza Del Silenzio by photographer Salvatore Esposito will be on exhibited at PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli 
as part of the Capability Festival promoted by the Department of Social Policies in the person of Luca Trapanese together with other works by colleagues 
on the subject of disability. The event is presented by Magazzini Fotografici.

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From 12 September to 12 December at the Mann in Naples a retrospective of Creativity for Life. 9 years of photography school for minors at risk, with the support of Manfrotto in collaboration with Jonathan onlus. A journey of the boys with the documentary photographer Salvatore Esposito.
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Friday 18th October at 18,00 Salvatore Esposito will be in Venice in the EMERGENCY Space for the presentation of my last book La Forza Del Silenzio, in the same occasion will be screened the homonym Documentary produced by Sguardo. Following the opening of the exhibition supported by Agrorinasce.
Thanks to Gruppo Emergency Venezia and Anna Zemella

Curator book : Annalisa D’angelo
Design book : Anna Lavezzoli
Translation : Alessandra Orlo
Prints: Digid’a Fine Art Print


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The new book of Salvatore Esposito, La Forza Del Silenzio, has been selected for this year’s exhibition in the Athens Photo Festival.
The selected books will be displayed during the Athens Photo Festival 2019 at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138 in Athens from 13 June until 28 July.

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Friday 29 March 9.30 at the Youth Culture and Art Aggregation Center in Casapesenna there will be the presentation of the Exhibition in conjunction with the first presentation of the book La Forza Del Silenzio. Will be present Giovanni Allucci Managing Director of Agrorinasce, Vincenzo Abate President of La Forza del Silenzio Association, Salvatore Esposito Author. The event will also be attended by the Euro deputy Nicola Caputo, Stefano Graziano President of the Campania Commission, Mario de Biasio General Manager of ASL Caserta, Carmine Lauriello Resonsabile Fragilità and ADI ASL Caserta, On. Giampiero Zinzi and officials of the Campania Region.

Photographs: Salvatore Esposito

Curator Exhibition and Book: Annalisa D’angelo

Print Photographs: Digid’a Fine Art Print by Davide di Gianni.

Design Book: Anna Lavezzoli

Translations: Alessandra Orlo

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On October 29th at 3.00 pm at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, the photographer Salvatore Esposito with the director Silvia Ricciardi of the Jonathan Community for children at risk will present the Picture of Life course to the students of the Faculty. The course is supported by Manfrotto and wants to be a stimulus, for minors at risk, of legality and the opportunity to learn a creative work. The anthropologist Helga Sanità moderates the meeting.

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In 2014 Manfrotto gave life to Picture of Life in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the Jonathan Association, a project that aims to support people with serious social or family difficulties, offering them the opportunity to reintegrate into society and acquire new professional qualifications.

The photographer Salvatore Esposito has been since the first year the tutor of the students of the course and has taken them through the teaching of photography to the realization of a portfolio that tells a story.
From the first year, Manfrotto brought the works of the participants around Italy, as at the Volunteer Festival in Lucca and at the Galleria San Fedele in Milan.
The exhibition on display at the MAXXI in Rome is the first stage of an itinerant tour that will bring Picture of Life around the world, retracing the history of the project with the most representative shots.
The photographs on display want to tell the experiences, stories and new opportunities of those who took part in Picture of Life.


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