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In 2014 Manfrotto gave life to Picture of Life in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the Jonathan Association, a project that aims to support people with serious social or family difficulties, offering them the opportunity to reintegrate into society and acquire new professional qualifications.

The photographer Salvatore Esposito has been since the first year the tutor of the students of the course and has taken them through the teaching of photography to the realization of a portfolio that tells a story.
From the first year, Manfrotto brought the works of the participants around Italy, as at the Volunteer Festival in Lucca and at the Galleria San Fedele in Milan.
The exhibition on display at the MAXXI in Rome is the first stage of an itinerant tour that will bring Picture of Life around the world, retracing the history of the project with the most representative shots.
The photographs on display want to tell the experiences, stories and new opportunities of those who took part in Picture of Life.


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