La Forza del Silenzio Exhibition.

Italy, Succivo (CE), 17/07/2015. Gennaro, one of the two autistic twins, in a riding school during a closing moment. The horse represents a very important animal for the boys and their family. The twins in fact do not speak and the only time that Maurizio, one of the two spoke, said the word

La Forza del Silenzio Exhibition.

Friday 29 March 9.30 at the Youth Culture and Art Aggregation Center in Casapesenna there will be the presentation of the Exhibition in conjunction with the first presentation of the book La Forza Del Silenzio. Will be present Giovanni Allucci Managing Director of Agrorinasce, Vincenzo Abate President of La Forza del Silenzio Association, Salvatore Esposito Author. The event will also be attended by the Euro deputy Nicola Caputo, Stefano Graziano President of the Campania Commission, Mario de Biasio General Manager of ASL Caserta, Carmine Lauriello Resonsabile Fragilità and ADI ASL Caserta, On. Giampiero Zinzi and officials of the Campania Region.

Photographs: Salvatore Esposito

Curator Exhibition and Book: Annalisa D’angelo

Print Photographs: Digid’a Fine Art Print by Davide di Gianni.

Design Book: Anna Lavezzoli

Translations: Alessandra Orlo

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