La Forza del Silenzio in Meshroom Photography.

Italy, Succivo (CE), 17/07/2015. Gennaro, one of the two autistic twins, in a riding school during a closing moment. The horse represents a very important animal for the boys and their family. The twins in fact do not speak and the only time that Maurizio, one of the two spoke, said the word

La Forza del Silenzio in Meshroom Photography.

Meshroom Photo | TALK with Salvatore Esposito

La Forza del Silenzio is the latest work by Salvatore Esposito, a well-known Italian documentary photographer who will be with us on Monday 14 October to tell us about his journey as a photographer and his works.

A story of “love and autism” and the desire of a couple of parents to guarantee a “normal” future for their children: with extreme sensitivity Esposito chooses to tell the daily life of 1 of the 500,000 Italian families who fight autism every day .

For more information on the event, visit our website:

Talk con Salvatore Esposito

The Talk will start at 20.00. No need to book.

BOOK SIGNING: At the end of the meeting the author will be available for a book signing of the presented books that can be purchased the same evening.

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