Salvatore Esposito won the “Cinema Campania Award”.


Salvatore Esposito won the “Cinema Campania Award”.

Salvatore Esposito won the “Cinema Campania Award” as a young director of Campania region that distinguished himself in the Film Industry.

The “Cinema Campania Award” is the first award for young filmmaking bell. The award is dedicated to young people who have particularly distinguished themselves in the Film Industry of Campania during 2015 and aims to represent the years something concrete, that can push young people in Campania to invest more ideas, resources and forces in their own land through the seventh art.

The Prize is awarded by an honorary committee that reports the names of individuals, institutions, companies, festivals and / or entities composed of young people from Campania, who distinguished themselves in the film industry in the last year in which the prize is awarded.

The award is organized by the Social World Film Festival as part of the activities of the fifth edition of the International Film and Social Project Film4Young.

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