The Documentary “Cell Zero” between the 21 finalist of prestigious Award L’Anello Debole.


The Documentary “Cell Zero” between the 21 finalist of prestigious Award L’Anello Debole.

The plight of migrants on the border between Africa and Europe; the world seen through the eyes of Isis fighters and those who flee from the caliphate; the work of humanitarian organizations to stem the ebola plague; the importance of recycling to a greater awareness on environmental sustainability, along with the complaint of environmental crimes poorly understood. And yet the consequences of the economic crisis on businesses and workers, but also work as an opportunity for social integration and a new mental balance; prison, adoption, disability, with all the emotions and the feelings that follow them.

Many issues – and more relevant than ever – those faced by the 21 finalists short (15 video and 6 audio) of the ninth edition of The weak link, the recognition that the Community Capodarco assigned since 2005 to the best short films on social and environmental issues . The works, selected by a jury of quality composed of 18 experts nationwide coordinated by artistic director Andrea Pellizzari and by the inventor of the award Giancarlo Santalmassi, will compete in the four sections of the invitation: 6 audio for short films, 6 for the courts Actually, 4 for the fiction shorts and 5 for very short.

Now the word goes to the jury, called to evaluate videos and audio finalists during the Capodarco Other festival, scheduled for June 22 to 27 on the terrace of the Community Capodarco of Fermo, in the Marche region. In particular, the 15 entrants will be shown Friday, June 26, during the “Night of the courts” in the presence of the authors who will be called to the stage by the conductor Andrea Pellizzari for a short presentation. To listen to the audio 6 finalists was instead arranged for the morning of Saturday, June 27 a Radio Bus which will lead the jury on the beautiful hills, with a nice stop on a farm for a tasting of local products.

The average of the votes of the jury will then be crossed with one of the votes of the juries quality assigning them respectively the weight of 40% and 60%. The final vote will determine the winner for each section. The award ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, June 27, will be presented by Martina Colombari and Andrea Pellizzari.

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