The Documentary “La Forza del Silenzio” selected for Roma CinemaDoc.


The Documentary “La Forza del Silenzio” selected for Roma CinemaDoc.

The new Documentary “La Forza del Silenzio”, of the photographer Salvatore Esposito, is selected for Roma CinemaDoc.

“La Forza del SIlenzio” is the story of two autistic monozygotic twins and their family, their suffering but also the support of parents to their children. It ‘a history of autism and love.


Gennaro and Maurizio are two autistic monozygotic twins who have been diagnosed with autism at the age of about a year and a half. Autism is a neuro-psychiatric disorder with brain involvement, causing major communication disorders and therefore of social interaction. This marked for Enzo and Antonella, the twins’ parents, the radical change in their lives. They had to begin to understand this monster that is autism and how it had taken possession of their children. With the gradual growth of Gennaro and Maurizio, Antonella and Enzo you found themselves faced with many problems to best assist their children. The continuing tendency to isolation, the nervous crises and cried Gennaro and Mauritius have forced parents to monitor their children all the time, even at night. Everything becomes very difficult in the long run when you start to lose energy, but the love of the parents continues to prevail about autism.

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