The Documentary “Cell Zero” selected for the Ischia Film Fest.


The Documentary “Cell Zero” selected for the Ischia Film Fest.

We are really proud to announce that the short film “The Cell Zero”, produced by Salvatore Esposito Photographer and Journalist Andrea Postiglione has been selected for the prestigious Ischia Film Festival in the section “Location Denied”.


Every year the festival presents a selection of films from around the world: all emphasize the cultural identity or characteristics of the landscape of a given territory through the audiovisual narrative. A jury of personalities of industry awards film best film among those selected for the official competition. During the week of the Festival, in addition to the film screenings of the competition, there is a special section on “Location Denied” and there are also omages to important figures in international film. The Festival is an important part of a wider project called “Cinema and territory”, which aims to protect the cultural and landscape of the territories in order to promote them through the medium audiovisivo.Ogni year the festival also hosts the BILC, the only European market dedicated to the location and film tourism, a place for both cultural and economic exchange between the film industry and territory. Here, through studies, research and case histories, you can discuss the opportunities created by the tourist and economic co-marketing of the film industry and the region. Through these years, many important people of the film industry and many scholars have partecipato.Tra their regional marketing are some of the award winning artists such as Sir Ken Adam, Vittorio Storaro, Carlo Rambaldi, Alan Lee and John Howe, Gabriella Cristiani and Osvaldo Desideri and directors as Abel Ferrara, Pavel Lounguine, Pupi Avati, Mario Monicelli, Kristof Zanussi, Giuliano Montaldo. In addition, many actors as Enrico Lo Verso, Mattia Sbragia, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Lunetta Savino, Sabina Impacciatore, Paolo Villaggio and directors as Antonietta De Lillo, Eduardo Winspeare, Vinzenzo Marra, Francesco Patierno.

Since 2004 the Ischia Film Festival is under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.



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