Author Salvatore Esposito

The Exodus

photos: Calogero Cammalleri, Gianni Cipriano, Francesco Cocco, Giovanni Cocco, Alfredo D’Amato, Stefano De Luigi, Massimo Di Nonno, Salvatore Esposito, Lorenzo Maccotta, Emiliano Mancuso, Davide Monteleone, Alessandro Penso, Giulio Piscitelli, Alessandro Sala, Roberto Solomone, Riccardo Scibetta, Massimo Sestini, Gianfranco Tripodo, Romina Vinci, Francesco Zizola

by Emilio D’Itri

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So c’mon…finally the Documentary “La Cella Zero” breaks the boundaries of Italy and arrives in Ireland! The Doc will be screened in the Fastnet Short Film Festival !!! The Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival takes place every year in the picturesque fishing village of Schull on the south-west coast of Ireland. They screen short films from all over the world and invite industry professionals to share their knowledge with the visiting filmmakers.
The Festival will be by 20th to 24th of May.
We are very proud about this, for anyboby will be there you can see the screening of “La Cella Zero” Thursday 21st May | Plaza Cinema CHURCH HALL | 8pm.

Here the program on the site of the Festival :…/CFSFF-2015-Progra…

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